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Portuguese Algarve’s Holiday Destinations


Carvoeiro is one of the Portuguese Algarve’s holiday destinations that fills up in summer. There are many apartments and hotels available as well as a fairly comfortable beach, and it is close to two super beaches such as Centianes Beach and Benagil.

It is a town suitable for family tourism for its beaches with services and its large resorts with leisure areas.

The center of the villa is not very big and has no parking. You can leave your car in any of the streets on the sides of the main road. The villa has plenty of shops and supermarkets. If you want a bigger supermarket you can go to the one at the exit to Lagoa. Near the village there are spectacular rocks, the dry Algar, very close by car or on a small train that is available.

On the beach you can practice Jetsky and pedal boats and there are diving courses, and there are even local fishermen who in summer offer their boats to take walks in the area.

There are a lot of restaurants near the village beach.

Carvoeiro’s beaches

Praia de Carvoeiro: The beach of the village, surrounded by cliffs and with vigilance. Lots of restaurants. It has showers and bathrooms.
Praia do Carvalho: A charming little beach in the middle of the bay. There are no restaurants nearby, public restrooms or watchmen.
Praia da Marinha: With a large parking in the upper part and a picnic area. It has a restaurant in the lower part of the beach access. There are restrooms and services.
Praia do Paraíso: Small and crowded rocks is accessed by a somewhat difficult path for people with little mobility among the Peñas. It has a restaurant, or Boteco, on the cliff, with a nice terrace with a view. No surveillance, no public restrooms.
Vale de Centeanes: beautiful beach two kilometres east of Carveiro. There is a restaurant in the entrance with public bath and a kiosk that sells soft drinks and ice creams in high season. It has parking and guards in summer.


In Carvoeiro there are great offers out of season and some opportunities in high season. Hotels we recommend:

Monte Santo Resort: Five star hotel where you can find good deals. Estrada do Monte Serrão for Quinta Do Paraíso. It has leisure facilities and is close to the golf courses.
Rocha Brava touristy Apartments: Four star hotel in the urbanization of Rocha Brava, in the middle of the cliff, offering good prices and some tremendous off-season offers. The apartments have a washing machine.
Located on the top of a cliff, the Rocha Brava is located 3 km east of Carvoeiro, a beautiful fishing village in the centre of the Algarve.

Slide & Splash

A water park that can delight small children and not so small is in Vale de Deus, near Carvoeiro. You have to drive to Estômbar and take the exit to the N125.

Map of Carvoeiro

The Best Favorite Destinations in the World


Tavira is one of the Algarve’s favorite destinations. It is an old coastal town built on both sides of the Gilão River that has been thriving with the growing tourism and its fishing industry. It has a modern bridge and one of the Roman times, and an island-isle Tavira-near its coast. Around the town there are beaches such as the beautiful Praia de Barril and several vacation developments such as Pedras D’el Rei. If we want to eat good fish we can try the local restaurants or move to the small fishing village of Santa Luzia.

Visiting Tavira

Tavira’s historic buildings were erected in the eighteenth-century fashion after the city was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake. Previously, Tavira was already an important port that traded with the north of Africa centuries before Christ. If we leave the centre, the Praça da República, we can go along the riverside in Rua da Galería and see a beautiful church, the Igreja da Miserícordia. In its interior there are biblical scenes shown in artistic tile and elements that go from baroque to neoclassical. In the vicinity lies the local castle, the Castelo that opens weekdays and the neighboring Santa Maria do Castelo where rest the mortal remains of Dom Paio Peres Correia, the Conqueror who won the Algarve in the reconquest Iberian and expelled the Arabs of Tavira in 1242. In fact this church is an ancient mosque.

The best promenade in Tavira follows the riverside to explore the alleys that are born on the sides and its beautiful restaurants. There is a shopping and cultural center, the old Market da Ribeira by the river where there are cafes and boutiques and exhibitions of local artists.
The best promenade in Tavira follows the riverside to explore the alleys that are born on the sides and its beautiful restaurants.

After the market, there is the fish and fishing boats. In this area there are many restaurants that offer fresh fish. Next to the bridge is the city market, where we can buy at good price fresh fruit.


The Tavira bus station is very close to the centre of Tavira, the Praça da República. The train station is a short walk from the centre down by Dr Mateus Teixeira de Azevedo and the Rua da Liberdade. The tourist office is next to Praça de República, on Rua da Galería. The center of Tavira is complicated for cars and it is better to park in a free parking that is enabled (follow the signs to Quatro Águas).

Bikes can be rented at Sport Nautica, Rua Jacques Pessoa 26.

The ferry that leads to Ilha Tavira leaves next to the old Mercado da Ribeira, in the Doca de Pesca.


Although Tavira is not as crowded as other areas of the Algarve, it has many hotels and quite level. You can check out the latest online offers. Stand:

Vila Galé Tavira: Rua 4 de Outubro. 4 Star Hotel offers elegant Arab decorations that reflect the history of southern Portugal. Spacious rooms with balcony. Indoor pool.
Porta Nova: Rua Antonio Pinheiro. Outdoor swimming pool. Moderate price.

Eating in Tavira

Beira Rio, Rua Borda da Água de Assêca 46. Restaurant with a very nice terrace. Perfect for simple meals. Cheap.
Quatro Águas, in Quatro Águas, next to the ferry exit to the Isle of Tavira. It is a very level restaurant specializing in seafood and fish cataplana. It’s not cheap.

Terraces and bars

The best views of the river are given by the Gilão Terrace, in the middle of the trees. In Largo do Trem there is a terrace that is encouraged at dusk where you can also spend a pleasant time.

The evening

The only pub in Tavira is UBI, EnRua Vale Caranguego. Locals usually have drinks in the neighboring bar Bubi bar.

Ilha de Tavira

The island of Tavira is halfway between Fuzeta and Tavira and you can catch the ferry directly on the banks of Tavira, in Quatro Aguas. There are also aquataxis where up to 6 people can be fitted.

The island is protected natural space and has a giant beach and a campground with a small supermarket.

Getaway to Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia is a small fishing village 3 km from Tavira. There is a daily bus that takes us to the small village where we can observe the octopus fishing. The best restaurant is Capela, in Avenida Engheneiro Duarte Pacheco, where we can dine on the terrace.

A walk along the coast will take us to the marshes and the Praia do Rei. From here part a small tourist train that takes us to the Long Beach of Barril, one of the best beaches of the Algarve.

Pedras D’el Rei

Beyond Santa Luzia, 4 kilometres from Tavira this pedras D’el Rei where there are great holiday villas and apartments designed for family tourism with children’s entertainment areas. You can stay at the comfortable Hotel Pedras D’el Rei, with terraces overlooking the marshes. Old fishermen’s houses are now cafes and restaurants focused on tourism.

What is a Travel Nurse?

You may have heard about travel care before, but still wondering, what exactly is a travel nurse? How do people in this profession? What kind of qualifications do they need? You can also ask if this is something you could see yourself doing.

Travel nurses are usually nurses (nurses), but also travels jobs for LPNs and LVNs (licensed professional nurses and licensed professional nurses) and other healthcare professionals. They work in hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, nursing homes, emergency medical centers and a variety of other health centers. Wherever they go, they help people, and they are rewarded well for it. Does this sound like it could be a job for you? If you’re already a nurse, you’re on your way.

There are not many incentives to make this career choice, but the main reasons to become a travel nurse could include a higher salary, allowances for transportation and accommodation, bonuses and travel opportunities. It is also a great opportunity for new experiences that look good on a curriculum. When nurses decide to travel on their profession, they need to find one or more staff agencies to act as an intermediary between the medical care centers they need trained and qualified personnel who can help nurses. There is some bureaucracy needed when a nurse signal with one of these agencies, and it is generally necessary to have at least a year of clinical experience in the specialty area of one, but once the initial recruitment phase is complete, it is quite Easy to collect work in different parts of the country.

Care Travel agency to find work and send information about open to nurses who are looking for a job that fits a certain category temporary positions. When a nurse decides that he or she is interested in a certain position, the Agency must submit all relevant documentation, and from there a contract may be drawn up, assuming that the interview is fine. Nursing travel jobs can last a couple of weeks or continue for as long as a year. In some cases, the medical Center also hire full-time nurses if both sides think this is a nice situation.

Every job is different, but traveling nurses can expect an attractive compensation to be I want to move temporarily, so it’s definitely an option to consider.